Friday, 2 December 2011

Resettlement of Jews from Minorca and Gibraltar, 1783

The Spanish and French had reconquered Minorca from the British in 1782, and were besieging Gibraltar up to 1783, so that may explain the Jews leaving. I am not sure of the identity of Mertz. Logic would suggest it is in North Africa or the Mediterranean. The word ‘electorate’, if I read correctly suggests it is in Germany. The Electorate of Mainz at that time was ruled by Friedrich Karl Joseph von Erthal, an enlightened and tolerant bishop, so maybe it was there.

According to letters from Mertz(?) several (?) Jew families from Minorca and Gibraltar have obtained leave to settle into (?) at (?) electorate, to establish trade and manufacture, and to build a synagogue; and are declared exempt from taxes tor 30 years.

The Gentleman's magazine (London, England): Volume 53 . Page 83. 1783

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