Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Queen Christina of Sweden stays with a Jew in Hamburg

[Queen Christina of Sweden] entred Hamburgh incognito, and went to Lodge in the House of a Jew, a Physician by Profession [presumably Benedict Nehamias de Castro], slighting that which the Magistrates had designed for her. That Action much amaz’d both the Senate, whose Honourable Reception and Entertainment she refus’d; and the Priests of the Town, who enflam’d with the Zeal of God’s House, could not forbear to speak in Publick against her, for her Ridiculous and Scandalous Choice of the House of a man, who is by Profession, a sworn Enemy of Jesus Christ. Yet this Meting, for all that, appeared to be somewhat too hard; and the wiser sort thought, That something should have been allowed to the condition of a Queen, and that Excuses should be made for her. But she replied for her self, That Jesus Christ had all his life-time conversed with the Jews; That himself was come of their Seed; and that he had preferred their Company to the Company of all other Nations. Now judge ye your selves of this Answer.

Saint-Maurice, A relation of the life of Christina queen of Sweden, 1656. Page 10.

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