Monday, 12 November 2012

Of the Opinion of Antonius Montezini

One Aaron Levi, alias Antonius Montezini, in a Treatise written Anno 5404, and dedicated to Manasseh Ben Israel, pretends to inform the World that in the West-Indies he has found out the most prodigious number of Jews, who being governed there by their own Laws to this Day, were separated from the other Indians by a great River. But bestides that this Imposter sufficiently contradicts himself in his Relations, making his Fellow Traveller sometimes a Christian, sometimes a Pagan, sometimes a Jew: Our late Voyages into those Parts have sufficiently detected the Imposture. Thus much is beyond all Question, that in the Time of Josephus, the Israelites did not inhabit America, but near the River Euphrates.

Aegidius Strauch. Breviarium chronologicum: or, A treatise describing the terms and most celebrated characters, periods, and epocha’s used in chronology. 1722.

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