Friday, 25 November 2011

Bevis Marks synagogue, London, 1745

A 1745 description of Bevis Marks synagogue, in London.

The Jews synagogues are in Dukes-place, where, and in that neighbourhood, many of that religion inhabit: The synagogue stands east and west, as christian churches usually do: The great door is on the west, within which is a long desk upon an ascent, raised above the floor, from whence the law is read. The east part of the synagogue also is railed in, and the places where the women sit inclosed with lattices; the men sit on benches with backs to them, running east and west; and there are abundance of fine branches for candles besides lamps, especially in that belonging to the Portuguese.

A collection of voyages and travels. The Voyages of Don Gonzeles. 1745. Page 116

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