Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Loyal Jewish Sermon in London, 1756

A glowing report of a sermon by Isaac Nieto, Haham of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews congregation of London, son of David Nieto. Contrast this with some of the negative stereotypes seen elsewhere. Needless to say, then as now, the community was too busy squabbling to notice.

22. Preached in the Jews Synagogue. By Isaac Netto [Isaac Nieto], Archisynagogus [possibly Haham, although he resigned the following year after a fight with members of the Bet Din over job titles] of the Portuguese Jews Synagogue.

This sermon was written originally in Spanish and is now translated by the Author into English. The translation is well executed, but there is a dignity in the Spanish, which makes us prefer the original to the copy: it is printed in both languages. There is, in this discourse, a strain of piety, goodness, and loyalty, that is greatly commendable. The practice of morality and benevolence is recommended as the great end of religion ; and the prayer for the King is such as any Christian may with pious pleasure pronounce, it being perfectly agreeable to the sentiments of every good citizen, whether Christian or Jew, who is a well-wisher to his country.

Ralph Griffiths, G. E. Griffiths. The Monthly review, or, Literary journal: Volume 14. 1756.

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